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101 Days and 15,000+ miles

It’s been two weeks since we’ve returned home after being on the road for 101 days.

I remember the day we returned home… as I walked into my home, it felt like I was touring a home for sale. There were no smells of living life… dinner on the stove, or a sweet cake baking in the oven, sweaty boys or their stinky shoes, vanilla candles burning to freshen the air… nope. None of it. It was this surreal experience that you just have to probably experience to truly get. There was a part of me that knew it was our home and another part that felt I had stepped into a page from my past.

As I went to turn the water back on in my kitchen, I noticed my large sink. As I went to put things away in the kitchen, I noticed all my counter space. The kids were running inside and out the door, excited to reclaim our space. I noticed how clean everything looked. Unlived in. A home is a home because of who I share it with… and I was reminded in that moment that magazine-worthy-pristine-condition homes may be pretty to look at on the page, but they are empty of what’s really important — my people. And my people were busy running in and out the back and front door to reclaim their space.  My littlest turns to me and asks if we will be camping here for awhile. I chuckle — “Yes baby. We’re home now.”

“Every traveler has a home of his own and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering.”

            — Charles Dickens

Coming home to my clean house (except for the dust and a few spider webs), I realized how my perspective had changed after living in our travel trailer for 101 days and traveling over 15,000 miles across country. My home hadn’t changed. I had changed. And it was a good change. My home that I had complained wasn’t big enough to hold my growing family, suddenly didn’t feel so little anymore. I realized that it was a matter of perspective. My heart felt THANKFUL for my beautiful quartz countertops and the spaciousness they offered to cook a family meal. My heart felt THANKFUL for my large bathtub to bathe my children. My heart felt THANKFUL for my laundry room and “maids” in waiting.

Do I long for a larger home. Sure. But I know I can live in a small one and keep up on the chaos in those 34 feet better than my 2,200 square foot home. I know I’d rather live small in order to live large.

“I know I’d rather live small in order to live large.” — Me

Oh, and our kids? Check out what my middle son left on the fridge for my hubby and I that just melted my heart…

Note from Peyt'

I am forever changed by our cross country trip. So, hang with me. See what’s possible when you decide to chase a dream.

RV Turned Guest House: 12 ways to make your house guest feel welcome during their visit

It’s the holiday season and the RV is currently parked. We are busy making treats for Christmas holiday parties and wrapping gifts for a book exchange.  I gaze out my window and there our travel trailer sits, waiting for our next adventure.  I hope it’s soon, I’m getting antsy to go somewhere!

One of the great things about having an RV is that it can also double as a guest house when guests come into town, it provides them with their own private space, away from the noise of the family and common areas where they can relax and recharge.  Here are some things you can do to make your RV welcoming to those visiting your home.

1.  Create an inviting entrance. Put down a welcome mat. Place a potted plant or bushes near the front entrance to the RV.  And if you have a someone who is finds stairs a challenge, make a gradual stair step for them so that getting in and out of the RV is safe.  We also have put down bark to create a path to the walkway which is great in the event that it rains – it keeps the footpath from getting all muddy.

2.  Stock the fridge with snacks and water.  I like to get a mix of fresh fruit, trail mix, chocolate and if I can have it relate to the region where we live even better as it gives it a personal touch.  I also keep some microwave popcorn and ice cream in the freezer for my guests typically.  I will also get 1 gallon of water to put in the fridge to use for coffee and tea and the rest are travel size so my guests can grab and go when they need a drink.

3.  Have a coffee and tea station.  A warm drink is one of those comfort things when you’re away from home, so keeping a small coffee maker in the RV is a must.

4.  A good cleaning… before our guests arrive, we make sure fresh linens are put on the bed and pillows, counters and handles disinfected, floors vacuumed, and all the mirrors and windows sprayed with glass cleaner.  We also make sure all the drawers are empty as well as the closets leaving hangers in case our guests wish to unpack and hang any of their garments.  We also keep some extra blankets in case they are needed as everyone has different comfort levels.

5. I also go thru the medicine cabinet and give it a good walk thru keeping in mind that leaving new toothbrushes in packaging and new toothpastes, mouthwash, floss, hair spray — basically anything that may have been forgotten or left behind because of having to go thru security as a travel carry on.

6. We have a pretty small shower in our RV, so we discourage guests from showering in it because a) it’s small and inevitably we’ve had water damage to our sink area when a guest didn’t close the screen and b) it fills up the grey water tank quickly!  So, instead, I leave a couple of hampers in the tub area where they can toss dirty clothes. They are lightweight and easy to pack to the house in the event that they want us to do a load of laundry during their stay.

7.  We fill the propane tanks and hook up the water so that the facilities can be used.  We make sure that the black water tank is empty and that the stabilizers are put down so that the trailer does not wobble when someone is walking around in it.

8.  It’s also nice to provide some reading material in the event that your guest might enjoy perusing thru a magazine or reading up on the local news if you get the newspaper.

9.  Do a sound check on your radio so it’s tuned and ready to go. It’s nice to have some music softly playing in the background when they arrive.

10.  We also have an Apple TV for our travel trailer which is great because there are a lot of options for guests to choose from when they feel like watching a movie after everyone has gone to bed.

11.  Leave a small note by a charging area with the wifi password in the event they want to connect.

12.  And as a final touch, I also try to put a live plant or bouquet of flowers inside.

Do you use your RV/ Travel Trailer as a guest house when not in use? If so, feel free to share some ideas as well.