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Drop Spot Station Organized!

With seven people, it’s easy for clutter to take over and when you’re living in a small space, anything you can do to combat clutter is a good thing! So, right as you walk into our RV, there’s a small space to the right underneath our mirror where we’ve had a few small baskets and some remotes and small things. The problem has been that sometimes when we travel, even though there is a small lip on the edge of this shelf area, we still find things on the floor.

Meet the new and improved drop spot for our personal items. I found these handy acrylic trays and repurposed them for this spot because it fits perfect! I know we have seven people in our family, but baby girl and I will share one individual tray for now. 😉 Hubby has a spot for wallet, phone and keys to go. And my sons can put their phones in the trays as well as personal items like wallets, shells, or sunglasses.

Organizer for RV

Step one: I cleared off all the items sitting loosely on the shelf area and wiped down the shelf really well, allowing it to dry while I worked on the trays.

Put a piece of adhesive putty

Step two: Taking some left over adhesive putty, I placed a small bit on each corner and the center of the underside of the tray.  Adhesive putty is great because you can remove it without causing damage to the surface. It also keeps things in their place which works great in a RV situation — the movement while traveling won’t shift items that are adhered with the putty. And, because the trays I have chosen are designed as a joined set of three trays, I only have to secure two trays.

Adding adhesive putty

Step three: Checking to make sure the shelf was completely dry, I then pressed the trays with the putty attached to them onto the shelf allowing the adhesive putty to adhere.

Step four: Repeated steps 2 and 3 on the second tray.

Non Stick Padding

Step five: Taking some left over non-slip lining I had on hand from another project, I measured the interior base of the tray and cut six to nest perfectly into each tray. Voila!

Overall cost was about $21, but it will be worth every penny with the stress it saves. I only need to affix my labels so everyone know’s who’s bin is who’s and possibly add a power cord or two  that can be used to recharge devices while they sit in their designated tray.

Final Landing Pad

Close up of Trays

Want to make this for your RV? Here is what you will need: