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My parents were great about taking me with them when they traveled and it instilled in me an understanding that our world is full of interesting and exciting places, people and things to explore.  We traditionally stayed in hotels — ones that cost over a hunded dollars for one night, so RVing was a pretty foreign concept to me.  I thought that RVing was only for retired folk wishing to slow down in life.  And that is actually who introduced me to it — my parents.  About five years ago, my Mom was looking to purchase a motor coach and casually said to me, “You two should get a RV.”  It was that little seed and a trial run sleeping in a tent that began the wheels turning in my mind for a different way to live.

And so our adventure begins. We went to just “look” and came home with a 36 ‘ long travel trailer (a Laredo) equipped with two slide outs, bunks for the boys, and enough room to take our tribe on a trip.  We now have four sons and a daughter ages 15 and under and it is bar none our favorite way to vacation. This blog records our adventures and shows you how you can also get out of the timeshare rut and explore your world as a family. RVers value relationships. RVers know how to enjoy the simple things in life. RVers enjoy nature. RVers have an adventureous spirit.  RVers know how to do community. Join ours!

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