Purchase or Pass? Part 2

So, if you read our previous post, “Purchase or Pass? Part 1”, we shared how we went to look at a vehicle and the buying process. As you recall, the seller pitched this vehicle as a third car for a family and painted a picture that it was only used for hauling the grandkids around. He gave the impression thru the post and conversation that this car had been used by the family — even the wife purchasing “new” tires. Everything he shared was deceitful — lie upon lie.

When we pulled the Car Fax report, we learned that the vehicle had been in a collision, it had been stolen and recovered, and then within the past ten days the vehicle had been sold at auction. So, not a family car just sitting in a garage not being used. Not the son’s run around car who never had a need for a back seat. If there were grandchildren hauled in this car, it was only within the past 10 days.

When my husband inquired if he knew about the theft – he said no. He asked if he had purchased it at auction and he probably told the first bit of truth to us when he admitted that yes, he had purchased the vehicle recently at auction. Had we not purchased the unlimited Car Fax report during our search for a vehicle, we would have been bamboozled. Maybe the car would have worked fine. Maybe it would not have worked fine. All I knew is that if he was willing to lie about the history of the vehicle, what else was he lying about?

The lesson in this is to always check the Car Fax report whenever you are buying a used vehicle — whether at a dealership (often they give it free at a dealership for serious buyers) or buying from a 3rd party.

According to Al at Everything About RVing Web site, you can sometimes find a motorhome’s Car Fax history, but unfortunately you cannot use Car Fax for looking up the histories on Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Tent Trailers or Campers. In fact, neither of us could find a service that looks up the histories for non-motorized RVs. But for those looking for a tow-vehicle, even if it looks good, smells good, sounds good… check the history on the vehicle.

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