101 Days and 15,000+ miles

It’s been two weeks since we’ve returned home after being on the road for 101 days.

I remember the day we returned home… as I walked into my home, it felt like I was touring a home for sale. There were no smells of living life… dinner on the stove, or a sweet cake baking in the oven, sweaty boys or their stinky shoes, vanilla candles burning to freshen the air… nope. None of it. It was this surreal experience that you just have to probably experience to truly get. There was a part of me that knew it was our home and another part that felt I had stepped into a page from my past.

As I went to turn the water back on in my kitchen, I noticed my large sink. As I went to put things away in the kitchen, I noticed all my counter space. The kids were running inside and out the door, excited to reclaim our space. I noticed how clean everything looked. Unlived in. A home is a home because of who I share it with… and I was reminded in that moment that magazine-worthy-pristine-condition homes may be pretty to look at on the page, but they are empty of what’s really important — my people. And my people were busy running in and out the back and front door to reclaim their space.  My littlest turns to me and asks if we will be camping here for awhile. I chuckle — “Yes baby. We’re home now.”

“Every traveler has a home of his own and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering.”

            — Charles Dickens

Coming home to my clean house (except for the dust and a few spider webs), I realized how my perspective had changed after living in our travel trailer for 101 days and traveling over 15,000 miles across country. My home hadn’t changed. I had changed. And it was a good change. My home that I had complained wasn’t big enough to hold my growing family, suddenly didn’t feel so little anymore. I realized that it was a matter of perspective. My heart felt THANKFUL for my beautiful quartz countertops and the spaciousness they offered to cook a family meal. My heart felt THANKFUL for my large bathtub to bathe my children. My heart felt THANKFUL for my laundry room and “maids” in waiting.

Do I long for a larger home. Sure. But I know I can live in a small one and keep up on the chaos in those 34 feet better than my 2,200 square foot home. I know I’d rather live small in order to live large.

“I know I’d rather live small in order to live large.” — Me

Oh, and our kids? Check out what my middle son left on the fridge for my hubby and I that just melted my heart…

Note from Peyt'

I am forever changed by our cross country trip. So, hang with me. See what’s possible when you decide to chase a dream.

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